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A Reason to Celebrate

It’s official… I’m 50! A decade older and a full decade wiser. This past weekend was filled with so much birthday love, and while I happily celebrated this milestone, I also wanted to take the time to remind each you that every day in life is cause for celebration.

Celebrating yourself doesn’t necessarily mean having a piece of chocolate cake everyday (despite how delicious that sounds). It means acknowledging all of life’s triumphs and giving ourselves credit. We all put in so much effort to get through our individual journey on a daily basis. Why should we only reflect on that once a year? Self-celebration is actually self-care! Too often we let negative thoughts run rampant. Why not let the positive ones run rampant instead?

My wish to everyone is that you continue on your journey with a healthy mindset, one that allows for plenty of opportunities for self-celebration. It will be like giving yourself a birthday present that lasts all year long.



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