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Why Holidays Have Taken on a New Meaning

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

This past weekend people all over the world celebrated Easter and Passover, embracing the ideals of renewal, rebirth, and liberty. In both holidays, children participate. Whether it is searching for Easter eggs or reciting the Four Questions during the Passover Sedar, the concept of passing on tradition is evident. This recently took on a new meaning for me, as I got to paint Easter eggs with my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Maxson. Teaching her how to color the egg and watching her beam with pride at her own creations filled me with such a sense of serenity, almost taking the holiday preparation to a new level. As a mom, every day is a teaching opportunity, but the painting of the eggs reminded me of the things I want to make sure she not only learns but finds meaning within. Prepping the eggs, teaching her about the customs I grew up with, has been such a blessing and allowed me to reexamine the meaningfulness of Easter. May we all continue to find meaning and joy in the new as well as in that which we already know.

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