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This Year's "Spring Cleaning"

Spring is a special time of year, when flowers bloom and sunshine shines. It has also become synonymous with the concept of "spring cleaning," where you free yourself of the clutter and chaos that has piled up over the year. We diligently clean out from under our beds and toss expired boxes of cereal. We search the house for crumbs and discard remnants of junk, but what if this year we also search ourselves and free ourselves of all the internal baggage that has been weighing us down?

This year, you need not only to take inventory of the pantry closet but also of your wants and needs. Are your relationships fulfilling you? Are you living a life of gratitude? Are you reaching your potential, and if not why? It's so much easier to throw out tangible things but I promise you by taking stock of your relationships and choices, you will learn to embrace what makes you whole and recognize what brings you down. There is no better time for renewal than now!

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