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Summer Breeze

For us New Yorkers, summer can be a much-welcomed change from slippery sidewalks and puffy winter jackets, but really there is so much more to it. As we quickly approach the official start date of summer 2022, we should all pause and reflect on what an incredible job we have done these past few years, navigating an unprecedented world. It may not have always been easy, but we did it, and for that it’s time you appreciate summer like never before. For every barbeque you have with friends or milestone that you get to share with family, be mindful of how this may not have been feasible for some of us just a few short years ago. Don’t get caught up in complaining about the heat, or the traffic on the way to the beach. Let that all go and hold on to the beauty of being able to experience summer in a familiar way. So often we forget that we prayed for what we currently have, and my hope is that you can live in gratitude and bask in the sunshine like never before!

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