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PsychReg Magazine - Alexa is more than just a therapist Published on: 25 August 2020

Alexa Servodido is more than just a therapist. She’s a mum, a well-known TV and radio personality. She is the best-selling author of the must-read book Finding Your Peace Within The Chaos which has quickly become a companion guide for surviving and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are chaotic times. Alexa Servodidio is known online as ‘Ask Alexa Therapy’ across all social media platforms. We want to ‘Ask Alexa’ everything. She seems to be tuned in to all of us as we navigate the chaos.

Alexa Servodidio is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist who has her own private practice. She works with individuals, couples, and families. Alexa holds an undergraduate degree from Pace University and she did a Master of Social Work from Fordham University. She has also completed a two-year Post-Graduate Program at Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Adult Psychotherapy and a one-year Couples Therapy Intensive Programme.

Alexa’s therapy practice in the shadow of New York City sees the new normal. People with hurdles and struggles to overcome. They are battling life; a life that can include ups and downs of all kinds: divorce, addictions, compulsions, destructive behaviours, and negative patterns. Imperfectly perfect people, like most of us. People that need someone to talk to, someone to trust. Alexa is that person. Not because she’s trained to be, because she simply is. It’s her calling and she answered.

Probably the most striking and impressive feature about this therapist is that she is transparent about her struggles. Her perfectly imperfect life. That she shares her story with her audience and clients in a very public way, many of us look to a therapist for guidance but come out feeling that the therapist is listening to, not understanding. When someone shares their vulnerabilities do publicly, as Alexa does, you open up differently. Perhaps in a more impactful way. This is why we thought she was so unique and wanted to profile her. We were compelled to share more about her. She exemplifies what a therapist should be. A trusted friend, a confidant, an advisor, someone understands imperfection and cares unconditionally.

Alexa struggled with relationships. Getting engaged and realising her partner’s dreams weren’t aligned with hers. Always wanting to be a mum, she had gotten caught up in climbing the career ladder of a model, actress, and therapist. She found herself engaged with someone she loved and a seemingly picture-perfect future. There was a big void in the picture. The child was missing. It was a deal-breaker for her. Her fiancé did not want children. It was deal-breaking, but moreover, it was heart-breaking. She ended the relationship, but she didn’t give up her dream. She went at it alone. Going through IVF treatments as a single woman and by choice became a single mother to a beautiful baby girl. She found her peace within the chaos.

Watching her on social media, we watch her juggle. Her daughter is her inspiration. Alexa reminds us all to be thankful for the small blessings; the messages on her page are a great way to start your day. Her Instagram filled with quotes and photos with simple words in black and white with touches of blush pink reflects a soft side, the compassion.

Her latest episodes of ‘The Alexa Show’ are featured on her YouTube Channel ‘Ask Alexa Therapy’. Subscribing means you will be first in line when the new segments hit, featuring great guests with impactful stories. She has recently interviewed Tammi Pickle of Elite Connections, a Beverly Hills matchmaking service. The topic was dating in the age of COVID-19 and how to meet someone virtually without resorting to traditional online dating. Then there was Blanca Greenstein, who had started her own webcasting coaching business after being suspended from the Florida Bar after a scandal. She trusted the wrong person and made poor hiring choices. She opens up to Alexa and shares her story.

A story that left you understand why it is so important to get back up when you are knocked down. She believed in herself, and it got her through. Alexa has a lot more up her sleeve with new episodes in production with FullFrontal-Media. We contacted them for comment; they were quick to respond: ‘We adore working with Alexa and are inspired by her daily. Our team is working on several new episodes, featuring big-name guests. Triumph over tragedy stories that you will want to catch on YouTube.’

They went on to give us the exclusive news that ‘insight into healing’ is coming back. Alexa’s weekly podcast that was on a summer hiatus is back this fall with new insight and a modern look. They also encourage other therapists and professionals to reach out about collaboration with Alexa.'”There is strength in numbers, and Alexa wants to connect with professionals with stories that make them unique.’

Alexa is a therapist to watch. In every sense of the word. We will be covering the launch of her new book, which will release this winter. There is so much to delve into with her. It would be impossible to cram it into a single article. We encourage you to follow her and get to know her @askalexatherapy.

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