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My Finnish Heritage Inspires My Walk In Life....

My mom has always been my rock. She is a pillar of strength that has supported and guided me my whole life, encouraging me to chase my dreams and conquer the world. She has always carried herself with grace and a Finnish sensibility that has inspired me in many ways, especially as a parent. Finnish culture is polite and understanding.

For those who don’t know, Finland is a country that reports a high happiness rate, with an emphasis on priorities. Their culture tends to focus on enjoying life’s moments and relying on others for support when you need it. In many ways, I have shaped my entire journey into parenthood on a Finnish mantra “Ei kysyvä tieltä eksy” which translated means “Who asks for the road doesn’t get lost”.

If you’re unsure, you should ask for advice. In Finnish culture it is often out of one’s comfort zone. Finnish pride themselves on self-sufficiency and not burdening others.

This special saying reminds Finns that it’s okay to ask someone else to help you on your walk in life. Finnish minimalism gives you more time to focus on moments and making memories. While playing dress-up is fun it can also be time-consuming, which is why I like to keep Maxson’s wardrobe choices minimal and comfortable. Rather than squeezing her into an impractical outfit that will hinder her walking or playing, I make sure she is always dressed in something soft that allows for movement. I also make sure that all her clothes are machine washable, so I can spend more time with her and less time doing laundry. Since I am a working mom, my time is limited, and I much rather be reading with Maxson and running around the beach with her, than trying to curate the perfect look with the perfect matching accessories. My Finnish heritage has taught me that focusing on what matters most is what truly brings us joy. If her pants get stained or her shirt is a little wrinkled it’s ok! My focus is on raising a healthy, happy child, who needs to learn that even when life gets messy you keep on going! Some wardrobe essentials for a minimalist approach include cotton onesies, stretch pants, easy-to-put-on socks, and a pair of supportive shoes designed for the baby’s growing feet. It’s all about being less restrictive. The more comfortable she is, the happier she will be and that is what counts. I am so grateful that my beautiful mother is so involved in Maxson’s upbringing. Her words, wisdom, and positivity will no doubt shape her into a self-actualized person, with a fabulous Finnish fashion sense!

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