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Dating in the Age of COVID with Tammi Pickle.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Single in the Age of COVID @askalexatherapy tackles the topic of how to date in this new world of quarantine and social distance. She is joined by special guest Tammi Pickle the VP of Elite Connections in Beverly Hills. She has been regularly featured in magazines like Marie Claire and you may have caught her on Dr. Phil, on OWN, Entertainment Tonight, or even Bravo. She practices the art of matchmaking for Hollywood celebs and regular people too. She sees the COVID crisis as an opportunity to dial back the speed of dating and a throwback to taking it slow. She says this is an opportunity and believes optimism is the key to success in love. Here she joins Alexa Servodidio for advice and truth. Catch up with Alexa's new website and blog at and subscribe to this channel to get the latest episodes of the Alexa Show.

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