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Breaking Free Together

This has been a transformative summer. As I continue my book signing tour and look ahead to the workshops that I will be leading, there is an ever-present feeling of community that overwhelms me. Since “Your Walk in Life: A Guide to Transforming Your Peace Into Pain” was released, I have been on a mission to create a safe environment for people to allow themselves to journey into a place of healing. It is not always an easy place to go. In fact, it is a hard task that is wrought with emotion and memories. It is letting your guard down, to find that vulnerability to fix the pain, but through using the “nesting place” tactic I am blown away by the growth that I see all around me.

My clients, much like my readers, know that I am there for them and I truly believe that is what makes the difference. They are not walking into a dark tunnel alone. They are being supported and held up through tools and visualizations designed to produce a sense of calm and comfort. The results are astounding, and just reinforce my belief that healing can begin once we allow ourselves to shift our thoughts. It is time to throw away the self judgement and negativity, so your heart and mind can soar at the same time.

Everyone has experienced trauma in one form or another. The pandemic is still fresh, and its effects are what we are dealing with on a daily basis. I saw with my first book “Finding Your Peace Within the Chaos” how a defined plan and encouragement can turn someone’s life around, and with this book I am seeing that same results. Being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, I have really honed these tools and used them to help countless patients achieve mental clarity and positive outlook on life.

It is a blessing to be able to have such a profound impact on people and a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. I am so proud of all the hard work that has been, and the soul searching that has led to peace of mind. The transformation isn’t always easy but in the end the caterpillar becomes the beautiful butterfly, which can fly away on its own.

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