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A Fall to Remember

As the leaves change and the temperature begins to drop, I can't help but be reminded of years gone by. Memories of friends and family. The smell of cinnamon in the air. The taste of hot apple cider. It's a time a time that tickles all your senses while reminding you that nothing stays the same, but if we look closely, we can see that there is beauty in that. We can see that while the leaves fall from the trees, their colors change, bringing us something new to enjoy. Holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving represent both fun and gratitude, and as the year begins to close out, more than ever, we start to slowly plan what the year ahead may become. So far this fall, I am honored to have spoken with so many people and shared my new book "Your Walk in Life: A Guide to Transforming Your Pain into Peace" with the world. It was a labor of love to write, and my hope is that it will inspire and renew. Filming my annual Halloween show has also been a fall highlight as was joining my friends at FIAME and OPLM. Next up, Maxson's birthday... just another reason why fall is a special time. May you all find beauty within the change and peace within yourself. Here's to a fall to remember!

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